Rules & Regulations

1. Every student should carry the school diary daily.
2. Students who come to school on their own should arrive at the school 5 minutes before the bell rings.
3. Students should attend the school in uniform prescribed for the season & should be habitually neat and clean.
4. Students coming late or absenting from the school without permission should bring proper application for leave from their parents/guardians.
5. Non-Sikh boys should get their hair-trimmed at regular intervals.
6. Shouting or whistling is not allowed in the school.
7. During the absence of the teacher from the class, students shall be under the discipline of the monitor.
8. Students should take utmost care of the school property and premises. Any kind of damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the Class Teacher or to the Principal. Students would be held responsible for any damage caused by him / her and shall be liable to compensate for the loss.
9. The school is not responsible for any goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to the school.
10. The school reserves the right to suspend/expel students whose conduct is harmful to other students.
11. A student who fails twice in three years will not be permitted to continue his / her studies in the school.
12. The name, class and section of the pupils should be clearly marked on all woolen belongings of the students.
13. Students should bring the necessary text books, exercise books and any other requisite material.
14. Students are warned not to buy eatables from vendors outside the school.
15. Girls should not apply Nail Polish or Mehandi during term time.
16. Students should get their report cards signed by their parents/guardians within two days of its receipt.
17. Students should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct. They should greet their teachers when they meet them.
18. Results declared at the end of the year are final.
19. Should there be any infectious disease at home the students are not to be sent to school till the danger of infection has passed.